Labrecque Seed Farms
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Welcome to Labrecque Seed Farms

Labrecque Seed Farm is a family owned and operated full line seed company with 2 locations, located near the farming community of St.Denis, Saskatchewan and our head office location located in Saskatoon, Sk. Labrecque Seeds is dedicated to producing top quality seed. We have continued that tradition by offering farmers a wide variety of top yielding certified seed, as well as the newest varieties. Our employees work very hard to satisfy the needs of every customer, offering individualized attention whether they are large or small.

Starting with production, sales, and service our staff all work together to provide timely service and the highest quality products. Our growth depends on each of us doing our very best. Our family-owned business will continue to prosper if we hold true to our dedication and values. As a family-owned seed company, we are committed to being a partner in progress with our customer and we are confident that our customers and our products can compete with anyone.

M & M Seed Cleaning

All seed is cleaned at M & M seeds located 1.5 miles
north and 2 miles east of St.Denis, Sask 306-258-2219

Seed Farm 306-258-4555
Seed Sales306-222-5757
Head Office306-373-9379
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